The Booster Way

What truly makes Booster unique in Switzerland is our signature workout: The Lagree Fitness Method™. This workout is unlike any workout you have ever done. Like any HIIT workout, it is intense, calorie burning (up to 500-800 calories per session), muscle quivering and shirt drenching, but unlike most of these workouts, it is low-impact and safe for the body thanks to the muscle toning principles of Pilates. Basically, ‘it is like Crossfit and Pilates had a baby’!

You will also have the opportunity to complete your fitness program with complementary fitness approaches. The Barre will speed your way to a chiseled and toned body with a range of classes combining Ballet, Yoga, Stretch and Pilates moves and techniques. The Virtual Fitness workouts will help focus on your specific needs, with a wide range of programs ranging from Indoor Cycling, Body Toning, Yoga, Ballet Jazz, Dance, Wellness and many more.

Across our 3 studios, you will have more than 250 classes to choose from every week, 7 days a week. Every class is different and choreographed by a great team of instructors. They will have a close eye on you, and make sure that your time at Booster is the most effective and fun possible!

You can also decide when and how often you want to workout depending on your fitness objectives. Find the right class pass and start booking your classes.

If at any point, you have any question, feel free to call us on 079 199 81 47 or at

Looking forward to seeing you on the Megaformer!

Sandrine and Damien

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How the Megaformer
Magic Operates

Booster Transform not only offers one of the best workouts in the world, it is also uniquely designed to make your journey to fitness the most effective, safe and fun at the same time.


Be supported

Within our small group class setting, our coaches can guide and look after you throughout the class.


Be safe

The moves on the Megaformer are slow, controlled, with no impact. You can push yourself without compromising on safety and form.


Train when you want

Get your class credits, and start booking your classes online. We have more than 150 Booster Megaformer classes to choose from every week.


Save Time

A 50’ class on a Megaformer is roughly equivalent to 3 hours spent at the gym.