Barre Intensity® at lululemon!

Adrienne and Michela introduced the Booster Transform’s newest class: Barre Intensity® at lululemon Zurich in Sept 2018. 50 participants had the pleasure to discover this fun and intense and class. Check out the atmosphere during the event. Thanks so much to all of you who could join and to the Zürich Lululemon team for their great support!!


Barre Intensity® Combines elements of ballet training and athletic conditioning techniques. The workout fatigues muscles and elevates the heart rate through intense sequencing of compound movements. You leave the class feeling your whole body muscles burning and with a strong feeling of accomplishment.

The class is taught:

. in Studio Selnau on Wednesdays 18h00 (Chris), Thursdays 18h00 and 19h00 (Michela), Sundays (11h00 Adrienne or Chris)

. in Studio Seefeld on Tuesdays 19h00 (Adrienne), Wednesdays 18h00 (Michela), Saturdays 12h30 (Adrienne or Michela)

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