Music you can find in Bibi’s class

With extensive experience in dance and traditional pilates over the last 10 years, BB aims to inspire you to push your limits on the Megaformer. Be prepared for sweating and shaking, always accompanied by positive energy, encouragement, and motivating playlists. In addition to her instructor role, BB is also our studio manager. If you’re not taking her class, you’ll likely see her around the studios!

What boosts Bibi’s life? Booster, obviously 🙂

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Megamove Bear

Megamove of the month of June 2018: Bear ‘How to Bear’! In June, we will be focusing on perfecting your Bear, an exercise that that targets all the muscles in your core! Until the end of June, all classes will include a bear, or one of its variations. Our instructors will focus on providing detailed explanations […]