The Lagree Method

An evolutionary approach to full
body conditioning

An evolutionary approach designed to stimulate your strength, endurance, cardio, flexibility and balance in each exercise.

This makes your Lagree workouts efficient & effective! They will leave you drenched in sweat, burning fat & calories (up to 500-600 calories), with elongated muscles & improved endurance in a blink of an eye!

High intensity with full safety

The Lagree Method is the perfect alternative to other high-intensity training options that can potentially damage the joints and connective tissues. Men and women of all ages and abilities can benefit from this complete body workout. The Lagree Method classes use an evolved Pilates reformer called the M3™ Megaformer. It allows you to move seamlessly & quickly from one exercise to the next to maintain a higher heart rate with effective intensity which ultimately burns calories & fat.

The Lagree Method was created in 1998 by Sebastien Lagree who has created an entire exercise methodology as well as an entire line of fitness equipment that continues to evolve as each year passes, and which is now of the only piece of fitness machinery to hold 97 patents!

An infinite number of exercises

With 400 exercises and multiple variations, you will never do the same routine twice, get bored or plateau. Your muscles will be kept guessing, optimizing results in the shortest possible timeframe.