Introducing Booster Community classes!

This month, we will be introducing our community classes!

On Monday November 19th,at 14h30 with Michela, we will be offering our first of many community classes to come! We know many of you often show up to your workouts with minutes counted, leaving you little time to get to hang around after class and chat with either your instructors, or your fellow Booster Rockstars!

Over the years, the Booster Community has developed profusely, and we want to make sure to offer you more opportunities to get to know each other better than just through the painful smiles you might exchange while bungee kicking! After all, you already share at least one thing in common! Some drinks and nibbles will be offered after the class.

We plan on offering at least one community class every month, on various days or times, in Studio Seefeld and Studio Selnau.

These classes will be free for all clients and can be booked on a first come first serve basis. The number of participation is limited to one per trimester to allow a maximum of you to join over time. Please note that by attending our community classes, you agree to your picture possibly being taken and used on our website and social media platforms.

Please email to sign up for free to this class.

We very much look forward to seeing you in or after class!

Questions or comments? Email us!

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