2020 not always been easy, but we feel privileged as not only we know that the booster community is behind us, but we also received some critical support during the lockdown with the ‘Kurzarbeit’ and from our landlords, who we want to thanks a lot.

Many of you have been directly impacted, losing their job, having a significant salary reduction, or managing businesses who have been strongly impacted.

We believe in the concept of community and when times are difficult, it is the time to show solidarity, this is why we offer a 25% discount to all of you who have been financially significantly impacted by the Covid-19.

The discount is applicable on all class packages (it is not applicable on the All You Can Boost unlimited passes) until the end of 2020. The discount will be prolonged depending on the evolution of the Covid situation. Several purchases can be made during the period, but the last purchase should be made for classes starting before the end of 2020. This discount cannot be cumulated with any other price reduction.

By financially significantly impacted, we mean a reduction of at least 25% of revenues. If you are in this situation, please reach out to us at hello@boostertransform with a document supporting your revenue loss (this will be treated with the utmost confidentiality).
Feel free of course to come back to us if you have any question.

Stay safe, stay strong 💪🏻
Much love from all of us.

Sandrine, Damien and the whole booster team.

Questions or comments? Email us hello@boostertransform.com!

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