This is our signature full-body workout. We’ll work every single muscle in your body with this high intensity, low-impact, controlled workout performed on a resistance based state of the art Megaformer. Your muscles will shake and burn like never before as we work you to muscle failure whilst never comprising on good posture. You will burn up to 500-600 calories per class and leave the studio feeling more toned, strong and with a boost!

All levels


this class is a perfect introduction to the Lagree Fitness Method and the Megaformer. The pace of this class is slower, with a selection of exercises that are easy to perform. You will still feel those shakes and burn, but we will make sure you can take your time to understand the method and perfect your form. It is not only recommended as your first at Booster, but also for those who would like a little extra "TLC" before joining the all-level Booster classes or for pregnant clients.


Mega Ride

Megaformer + Cycle = Mega Ride! This 50’ workout is a great and fun combination. 25 minutes of high intensity workout on the bike to boost your heart rate and shape those legs and 25 minutes of advanced and challenging upper body and abs on the Megaformer. This class is tough, goes fast, and requires a solid experience with both workouts. Do not forget your trainers and a bottle of water!


Intensity levels: