Surprise your body and get rewarded for it!

Feel the burn and get stronger with the Lagree Method, shake and sweat in a high energy Barre Intensity class, gain flexibility and relax with Barre Release, unleash endorphins with Mega Ride, climb the Alpes d’Huez in a Virtual Cycling class, salute the sun with Briohny in the middle of the Yucca Valley in the Yoga Spirits virtual class and so much more…

In September, we are inviting you on a journey of exploration through the different workouts that Booster offers. Your first reward will come from your body and mind that will thank you. Your 2nd reward will be a free class (valid on any Booster or Barre classes) offered to all participants who complete the challenge. And some of you will also be rewarded through a random draw with additional great prizes (see below).

We wish you a great time exploring Booster!

How it works

Step 1:

Attend 6 different workouts between Monday September 3rd and Sunday October 7th. Choose from: Booster (light, reg or Mega) • Mega Ride • Barre Pulse • Barre Intensity • Barre Asana • Barre Release • Virtual Cycling • Virtual Fitness

Step 2:

Send an email with the subject ‘Explore Booster’ at once you have completed the challenge (before October 7th midnight).

In the following days, you will be informed when your free class has been added to your booster account, and we will enter you in the prize draw. The results of the prize draw will be published on our social media networks and website by the 15th of October. Winners will be contacted individually.

The prizes


For 30 days, attend as many classes as you wish at Booster Transform. 1 prize to be won.

Unleash your run – Two of the world’s most innovative brands have taken their long-running partnership even further. Apple Watch Nike+ has an altimeter to track your elevation. It automatically syncs your playlists. The perfect running partner is better than ever. The winner can choose the size of the watch (38 or 42mm) and color (white or black). 1 prize to be won

The winners will be invited to a fitting session at the lululemon store in Zürich and will be offered a full outfit by lululemon. Women will receive top, bra and pants, men will receive top and pants. 2 prizes to be won.

Recover faster from an intense Booster session! By exposing the body to extreme temperature for max. 3 minutes, Whole Body Cryotherapy produces a thermic shock without lowering body temperature. This thermic shock has an analgesic (pain reduction), anti-inflammatory and stimulating effects. Whole Body Cryotherapy boosts your health and energy. 3 prizes consisting of 3 sessions to be won. Prizes offered by

Ready for a pretty manicure? Give your nails a shine at TALLY BEAUTY by En Vogue in Zürich! Prized offered by Tally Beauty. More information on 5 prizes to be won.

Workout in style! the winner will select 2 pieces of our new Booster Transform apparel collection that is on display at Studio Selnau. The collection is the result of a co-branding partnership with a renowned premium Canadian activewear brand1 prize to be won.



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