Booster Transform has the modest ambition to make a positive impact on the world around! We are implementing regularly initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint such as choosing green electricity plans or replacing plastic cups by glass bottles.

Next Friday June 8th, is the World Oceans Day, and in collaboration with Switzerland for the Oceans, we will have 6 special classes across our 3 studios to support this great initiative. You can sign up for these classes for free* and you can make a personal contribution when coming to the studio.

If you cannot come to the classes, but wish to contribute, donation boxes will be in the studios next Friday.

The free classes are just after lunch time at:

– 13h30 and 14h30 in Studio Forum

– 13h30 and 14h30 in Studio Seefeld

– 13h00 and 14h10 in Studio Selnau

In Studio Selnau, in between those 2 classes, Claudia Heck, from Switzerland for the Oceans, will explain us a bit more about the activities that will be supported thanks to all our contributions.

If you want to learn more about Switzerland for the Oceans and how you can make an impact personally, please have a look at the below interview with had with Claudia a few weeks ago.

Lastly, thanks to all of you who already purchased our Booster glass bottles. The proceeds of these bottles (CHF2.5 per bottles) are going directly to support Switzerland for Oceans.

Thanks in advance for your support.

See you next Friday!

Kind regards,

The Booster Transform team.

* if you have a class package, you can book your class as usual with it, but no class credits will be used.

Questions or comments? Email us!

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