Your first 3 late cancellations won’t be charged

Things happen and sometimes you have really no other choice than to cancel your class less then 6 hours before it starts, or if you are a new clients, you might have not been aware of the late cancellation policy. As we really do not like charging for a class you have not attended, we offer 3 jokers to waive the late cancellation policy of the regular classes (see below the Virtual classes late cancellation policy). How it works:
  • 1. When you late cancel, the booking system will automatically apply the late cancellation policy. Your class will be charged as if you had attended, or you will be automatically charged CHF25 on your credit card if you use a ‘All You Can Boost’ unlimited pass.
  • 2. You do not need to contact us :-). In the next 72 hours maximum, we will get back to you to inform that we have used a joker and either credited back the class or cancelled the CHF25 charge on your credit card.
This does not apply to ‘No shows’, ie. when you have not shown up to a class and have not informed us. When you are not 100% sure to be able to attend a class, do not take the risk losing it, you always have the option to book it a few minutes before it starts.

Receive up to 3 new late cancellation jokers!

if you have used your 3 jokers, we offer the opportunity to receive up to 3 new jokers (per 12 month period - starting on the date of first usage). You can receive your additional jokers by sharing your Booster experience on Google reviews or Yelp (links below) or posting on your Facebook or Instagram, using #boostertransform. One review equals one joker. You need to inform us at when you have shared your experience. You will then receive a new late cancellation joker. You cannot use the same channel twice, so to receive 3 jokers, you should use at least 3 of the 5 different channels mentioned below Share a review on:

‘Your fitness journey isn’t always about you…inspiring others along the way is as much important.’

Inviting friends to discover Booster Transform is very easy. You just need to use the Booster Transform mobile app and follow the few steps indicated below. Your friend will receive CHF10, making his ‘First Boost’ class free. After your friend’s second visit at Booster Transform, we will thank you by crediting your Booster Transform account with CHF30 (credits), that you can use to purchase classes*. You can of course invite as many friends as you wish!

On your profile, click settings and select ‘Invite your Friends’

Click ‘Share your code’

Send your personal code via email or SMS

Your friend will be invited to use your code when he/she signs up or when he/she purchases his first class.

* if you wish to use your credits to purchase an ‘All You Can Boost’ pass, please contact us.

Every month, win a 5 class package sharing a #boostertransform post on Instagram!

‘Take joy in sharing positive energy with others. It’s a rough road for all, so give the sunlight’.

Take joy and also get a chance to win our ‘Mini Boost’ pass (value CHF210). Share a #boostertransform post on your Instagram, and you will be automatically included in our monthly sweepstake. Thanks for sharing the Love!

Every month, get a chance to win a month of unlimited classes at Booster Transform with

‘Beautiful minds inspire others.’ We often hear in the studio great stories about how working out at Booster Transform has literally changed lives. Working out on the Megaformer with the Lagree Fitness Method, with a bit of dedication, has this amazing ability to transform bodies and minds. By sharing your own personal ‘Mega’ story, you can impact the life of many others. Every month from January 2018, you can get a chance to win a month of unlimited classes (value CHF480) at Booster Transform by sharing your story and entering the global ‘Lagree Student of the Month’ award, This is an international promotion organized by Sebastien Lagree, founder of the Megaformer and Lagree Method, who will select one winner each month. It's really not just about the weight loss, but the physical, emotional, and mental transformation that you experienced by dedicating yourself to Lagree Fitness training.

How to enter?

Submit a before and after picture, the time duration between the photos and a brief (1-3 paragraphs) description of your transformation achieved using the Megaformer and the Lagree Method.

Submissions are due the last day of each month. By submitting your story and picture, you agree that Lagree Fitness and Booster Transform can shared them on social media networks. Student of the Month winner will be selected by Sebastien Lagree, and announced on the following month. The free membership month applies for the following month. Sebastien Lagree will personally pay the studio for the one month of classes. Send photos and story to:

The Booster touch

Booster Transform will also offer one month of classes to the most inspiring story (received before the 31/12/18). The jury will be composed of the Booster Transform team. The winner will be announced in January 2019. This means you can potentially win 2 months of classes if you are selected both by Sebastien Lagree and the Booster Transform team!
Get inspired on with the previous students of the month winners, including two Booster Tranform clients!


Enjoy your favorite workout for free on your birthday!

Send us an email with a copy of an ID card before your birthday, and we will credit your Booster account with your Birthday class!

The birthday class can be used on your birthday… not before, not after :-).