Hard work beats talent if talent fails to work hard.

Evelyn is 28 years old and from Germany. She has a passion for sports and everything challenging. Growing up her main sports were tennis and skiing. Since, then she has expanded her love for staying active by integrating a variety of other sports and challenging activities. From Crossfit to Triathlon over Ninja Warrior and Obstacle Course Racing, she keeps herself busy with sports all the time. 

After finishing her Bachelor in Sports and Economics she moved to Zurich to start her career as a Personal fitness and sports/health Coach. It has now been already 6 years since she has enjoyed her passion as a fitness and health coach and she is thrilled to have added the Lagree Method to her palette at booster. The Lagree Method is perfectly aligned with her personal focus as a coach which is health by movement and treating and preventing injuries, advising proper techniques in the safest and most enjoyable environments.

In her classes, you can expect her to give you the best advice possible to rock the Megaformer and your workouts! 

What boosts Evelyn’s life?: Beeing outdoors, good food, lovely people, interesting talks and having fun together

Chat with me in: English, German.

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