“Keep your Goals high and Squats low!”

Queen was born and raised in Zürich from Vietnamese and Hawaiian parents. Since a little kid, Queen has been a music and dance lover. She plays piano and has been dancing Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, House, Breakdance during many years, performing for national and international artists in Europe and in the United States. Today, she balances a successful career in the bank industry with her passion for dance and movement overall (Yoga, Karate, Sky Diving to name a few). Queen also fell in love with the Lagree Method in 2014, when booster opened in Tiefenbrunnen. It is for her one of the only real full body workout. She is now extremely pleased to share her passion and experience coaching the Lagree Method and also Barre Intensity.

What boosts Queen’s life? High Spirits, Good Vibes, Sunshine, Sea, Love, Dance, Piano, Basketball, Travel and Food

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