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Romeo has a huge passion for sports and competition with his most prolific sports being fitness, tennis, different kinds of martial arts, calisthenics and yoga. Romeo has over 10 years of experience in the field of fitness, holds a Fitness Trainer B license at the OTL Academy in Germany. He is also an outdoor Calisthenics

He also has an extensive knowledge in the field of business management. He holdsa bachelor in International Business & Management at the European Business School in London, and his created a company in Germany in 2016, that he recently sold, to be able to fully enjoy his passion for sports, fitness and helping others
achieving their personal fitness objectives.

Romeo is a very disciplined and motivate-ed/ing coach who finds exciting to adapt to different personalities and challenges. He trains daily and has an Instagram account where you can follow his training to complete the Ironman in 2019. @ironman_zh

What boosts Romeo’s life?: “Exploring nature, overcoming physical and mental boundaries, love, live and to never stop learning because life never stops teaching“

Chat with me in: German, Russian and English

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