“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”

Sabine’s passion for sports was born when she was 3 years old, with Ballet being her first love. During her childhood and youth, she additionally participated in athletics and unihockey and enjoyed snow- and wakeboarding when on vacation. A few years ago, she discovered indoor cycling and the Lagree Method– two workouts that truly changed her life in many ways.

When she’s not on the Megaformer, Sabine can also be found at school, where she has one more year to go before completing her studies in speech therapy.

Be it as a Lagree instructor or as a speech therapist (and in every other situation!), she wants to make people feel seen, heard, safe and proud of who they are and what they’re achieving.

What boosts Sabine’s life? her cats, cooking & eating delicious food, Lagree, indoor cycling, her family, friends and a good glass of white wine

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