“Key to mind & body happiness”

Sandrine’s passion for fitness started as a student at university, where she found that working out gave her much more energy to face the long hours spent studying. It then helped her to better cope with the stress of a very demanding professional life. Always on the lookout for the next best thing, she’s tried everything from step, body combat, hip hop, spinning, Pilates, TRX…until she discovered the Lagree Fitness method whilst living in London. She then converted her friends and her husband and practiced Lagree Fitness for 5 years before moving to Zurich. As they missed it so much, Sandrine and Damien decided to bring the method to Zurich.

Sandrine will help you push your limits and release all those happy endorphins that you get from a great workout.

What boosts Sandrine’s life? My husband and lovely daughter (including her amazing dance moves), fitness, sunshine, a challenge

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