“You gotta keep it moving”

Sébastien has always been in and around sports and physical exercise as long as he can remember. He began playing Tennis as a 5-year old kid and has been since then competing all his youth on a regional and national level. And being born and raised in Switzerland, Sébastien had to learn to be polysportive from very early on as the summers are short and winters long. He has been practicing and experiencing all kinds of sports and kept numerous of them as an occupational activity. After his studies and degree in French Literature and Political Science at UZH, he started working as a Tennis Coach in various Tennis Schools and Academies. Since 5 years it has been his absolute joy and fulfillment to coach his passion to other people and feels the same challenge about the Lagree Fitness method. What simply impressed him most while starting with Lagree, is certainly the intensity of the workout but also the complementarity with other sports and the definite gain for your everyday life and well-being.

What boosts Sébastien’s life? Cooking, Gardening, Sports in general, Friends and Family, the love of my life and my chipmunk pet

Chat with me in: German, Swiss German, French, Spanish and English

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