“Sports is my lifestyle!”

Tresor has been a successful professional basketball player for 17 years during which he played for several teams in Switzerland (Union Neufchatel; Fribourg) and around Europe. Today he shares his passion with younger players by training a junior basketball team and by working as a personal trainer, motivation & skills coach with young basketball talents. Basketball and sports in general have always been part of Tresor’s life – it’s his lifestyle! Sports has made him grow as a person and that is why he is so keen to share his knowledge and passion as he knows it can help others. And it’s fun!

What boosts Tresor’s life? People, family & friends, Sport, food

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At booster: Tresor coaches the Lagree Method and the Lagree Ramp classes and is also our Talent and Training Director in charge of the on going development of the team and training of the new booster coaches

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