Why you should definitely consider Barre in your fitness regime?

At Booster Transform we set our focus on full body workouts that combine efficiency of results with maximum level of safety for your body. We seek to offer workouts with a huge variety of exercises to always keep your body guessing and avoid hitting a plateau. We ensure these workouts are accessible and adaptable to all types of fitness levels and we make every effort to offer you a sense of joy, fulfilment and a mental escape.

The Lagree Fitness Method (‘Booster’ classes), is of course the best illustration of our approach, but not only…

The Barre Fitness approach was developed at the end of the 50ies and has become massively popular in the last 10 years. Barre has evolved from a class for dancers to become the workout of choice for fitness enthusiasts everywhere—and studios are popping up internationally.

For those who aren’t familiar with Barre workouts, they combine some attributes of Pilates, ballet training and athletic conditioning techniques.  The classes involve motivating instructors who encourage all participants to move with the music in an upbeat and encouraging atmosphere. This makes all the great toning work you’re doing feel more like fun than work. No prior ballet or dance training is needed.

When the Lagree Fitness Method encompasses long, slow and controlled movements with resistance, that engage hundreds of muscles simultaneously, the Barre movements will generally be shorter, faster and more isolated. The movements are also controlled with low impact, but will be a bit more varied, working and stretching your muscles in a huge variety of ways. Feel free to contact us if you would like any recommendations on the best workouts for you to attend based on your fitness objectives.

Why a new Barre class format at Booster Transform?

Booster Transform has been offering Barre classes since 2015. As we opened the Studio Selnau in January this year, with a dedicated Barre studio, we also introduced different types of Barre formats, to better answer your different needs and fitness objectives.

We have received some amazing feedback on the Barre classes, that has been confirmed in our recent Customer Satisfaction Survey. Here below is the level of satisfaction expressed by clients who attend the different Barre classes (score from 0 to 10):

  • Barre Release: 9.0/10 (36 respondents)
  • Barre Pulse: 8.0/10 (63 respondents)
  • Barre Asana: 8.0/10 (29 respondents)

The Barre Form class also received a good score of satisfaction (7.4/10, 26 respondents) however with feedback that the class was lacking a bit of intensity. This is why we looked at replacing this class by another Barre format that would offer an additional benefit to our current range and that also builds on the successful Barre class formats in international renowned Barre studios.

Introducing Barre Intensity®.

Barre Intensity® will focus on fatiguing your muscles and elevating your heart rate through an intense sequencing of compound movements (multiple muscles engaged at the same time) to make every minute count. This results in a total body workout that leaves your whole-body muscles burning and a feeling of strong accomplishment.

For those of you who know Barre Pulse, our cardio focussed Barre class, you can expect an even more elevated rhythm, and a higher level of muscular engagement.

This video from barreintensity.com illustrates what you can expect from the class:


The Barre Intensity® instructors

With this new class format, are also coming new Barre Instructors! The class will be coached by Adrienne, Chris and Michela. Adrienne and Michela started coaching the Lagree Method in January this year. They had a really awesome start and have demonstrated an amazing level of energy and enthusiasm on a day to day basis coaching at Booster and also a great desire to continue learning and developing themselves.

They are currently following an intense training program to become certified Barre instructors. Their training program notably includes a training with Lorraine Jenkins at the beginning of August. Many of you know Lorraine as she started the Barre program at Booster. She left Booster in 2016 to open her own studio. As her Barre coaching style is very close to the Barre Intensity® format, she will be a perfect sparring partner and teacher for Adrienne and Michela.

During her trip to Zürich, Lorraine will also coach 2 Booster classes on Friday 10th of August in Studio Selnau (5 and 6pm).

As for the other Barre instructors, Alex will continue to coach Barre Release, Chris: Barre Pulse, Barre Asana, Barre Release and Barre Intensity, Giulia: Barre Pulse and Barre Release, Noemi: Barre Asana and Barre Release.

The new Barre class schedule

With Adrienne and Michela coaching Barre, we will also have the opportunity to offer more Barre classes during the weekend and the evenings.

We hope you will enjoy those classes, and if you have not tried Barre classes yet, we will introduce in the next days ‘Explore Booster’, a simple challenge that will reward you for trying the different types of Booster Transform workouts. Stay tuned!

See you at the Barre!

Questions or comments? Email us hello@boostertransform.com!

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