We are very excited to share the latest booster production #MakingYouStronger, where a few booster team members give you a glimpse of what the Lagree Method is about💥💪.

Things that challenge you the most, make you stronger.

Experience the Lagree Method – one of the most effective and challenging workouts ever!

It’s going to get a little shaky, and sweaty but we’ve got your back.

We’ll guide you through your workout, make sure you have the correct form, the right level of intensity on our state of the art Megaformer.

Push to your limits, work every single muscle in your body…even some you didn’t know existed.

Leave every class feeling focused, stronger, and a step closer to the best shape of your life!

Give your life a Boost!

Questions or comments? Email us hello@boostertransform.com!

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