Are you ready for the 2019 Lagreee Fitness Megaformer Challenge?

One month to transform your body and win amazing prizes including 2 Megaformers and unlimited passes!

The world’s most transformative fitness challenge will be running again from May 1st- May 31st 2019. You, along with clients of other Lagree Fitness studios around the world are invited to enter a self-transformation journey, with the possibility of winning 2 Megaformers!

This is a great occasion to get yourself in the best shape of your life (just a few weeks before Summer!!) and an opportunity to win amazing prizes!

Discover below how it works, the prizes and how we can help you achieve the biggest physical and mental transformation of your life!

We will also be offering participants a special discounted unlimited pass for the month of May at CHF 320 and an invitation to a workshop ‘Eat Right to Train Hard’ that will take place on Saturday 27/04. Contact us once you have registered to the challenge if you wish to purchase this class package.

We look forward to seeing you getting stronger on the Megaformers!!

How it works

The aim of this challenge is to transform your body through regular exercise via the Lagree Fitness method. All participants will need to illustrate their transformations by providing before and after pictures and measurements. At the end of the challenge, the 10 biggest transformations for men and women globally will be announced and participants will then vote on who they think had the most successful transformation to define the final ranking per gender.

In order to participate, you would need to register by creating an account through the official Lagree Fitness website:  www.lagreefitness.comRegistration opens on April 24th, after which you will have one week to create your account.

Once you’ve created your account, you would need to upload your ‘before’ measurements, and pictures of yourself –  instructions for this will be described on the Lagree website. By entering the challenge, participants agree that their pictures and transformation details can be used on Lagree Fitness and Booster transform website and social media networks.

The prizes

There are 2 separate male and female ranking. The first place in each gender will win a Megaformer M2!!

On top of these prizes offered by Lagree Fitness, booster transform will offer any booster clients who makes it in the top ten, 30 days of unlimited classes at booster!

The booster touch

To give you the maximum chance to earn a prize, but most of all to achieve amazing results for yourself during that month, booster will give you access to:

  • a special 1 month ‘Megaformer Challenge’ unlimited pass at CHF320 (33% reduction vs. regular price) so that you can attend as many classes as you wish during the period.
  • an invitation to the ‘Eat Right to Train Hard’ workshop led by Heidi Hauer (Health and Empowerment coach), on Saturday 27th at 12h30 in Studio Selnau.

The Megaformer Challenge unlimited pass

It will be granted to clients who have registered to the Megaformer challenge on You should send your confirmation of registration to

Once received, booster transform will credit your pass to be used between 1st and 31st of May, and charge the credit card registered on your account with CHF 320.

Please note, that this pass will follow the standard policies of the studio for unlimited passes, and that late cancellations (cancellation less than 6 hours before the start of the class) and no shows will be automatically charged CHF25.

The ‘Eat Right to Train Hard’ workshop

The workshop will guide participants to adopt the optimal nutritional plan and mindset for the challenge to come! It will take place in Studio Selnau on Saturday 27/04 at 12h30. Duration between 30 and 45 minutes.

Workshop description: Feel like you’re not seeing the body transformation you desire, despite training often and hard? Regularly have low energy, or feel exhausted before or after the gym? Want to know how to get the best out of your physical body, while also nourishing it nutritionally? In this talk, Health and Empowerment Coach Heidi Hauer will cut through the noise and misinformation around eating for fitness; showing you how to use nutrition to boost your health and physique, in addition to offering you unexpected ways to transform your training… and your life!

In her coaching business, Heidi works with ambitious high achievers who aspire to reach peak performance not just physically, but in their general life and careers. With a focus on holistic wellbeing, Heidi is passionate about working with nutrition both as a foundation to achieving prime levels of health, fitness and energy, and as a gateway into exploring how your relationship with food could be influencing other experiences in surprising or subtle ways. The result? Health, happiness and deep fulfilment in every aspect of your life.

Heidi Hauer, Health and Empowerment Coach

Questions or comments? Email us!

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