Megamove of the month of July 2018: Kneeling Shoulder Press

‘How to Shoulder Press’!

In July, we will be focusing on perfecting your Kneeling Shoulder Press, a shoulder exercise that that targets all the muscles in your trunk! Until the end of July, all classes will include a Kneeling Shoulder Press, or one of its variations. Our instructors will focus on providing detailed explanations on how to perform the exercise in perfect form.

To offer you even more key pointers, our Instagram and Facebook pages will continue to relay pictures and videos of our coaches (and maybe a few clients) doing the move!

The perfect Kneeling Shoulder Press

The Shoulder Press, is one of the signature Lagree Fitness Method upper body exercises not only get your shoulders working, but also your abs and back.

The Kneeling Shoulder Press is performed on the Megaformer by kneeling on the carriage facing the front of the room, using the black cables. A variation of this move would be the Shoulder Press, sitting on the back platform, using the red cables. The Kneeling Shoulder Press is performed by slowly, with control, pushing the handles up overhead, using your shoulders and stabilising from your abs, and then slowly bringing the handles back down to either side. Throughout the move, tension is kept in the arms, while the back is being fully supported by your abdominals.

Tresor’s Kneeling Shoulder Press

Notice how in his video, Tresor starts the shoulder press with his elbows aligned with his shoulders, and his core engaged to help him stablalized. It is important to start the exercise with tension in both the arms and abs. leaning forward withi his upperbody allows him to find extra stabalizing tension in both his abs and back. The slower she moves, the more controlled the exercise becomes. To finish this move, Tresor adds on a Pec Fly for some extra fun!

If the tension starts to feel too heavy or then tension you feel is in your neck instead of your shoulders, grab the footstraps instead of the handles. This is a quick fix to reduce tension without having to change springs. Simply dropping down to your knees will also reduce the level of tension.

To increase the tension in the arms, walk your knees up on the carriage closer towards the mirror

Common Mistakes

Bringing your shoulders up with your arms

Try to keep your shoulders depressed into your lats as your arms press overhead. Think of keeping as much space as possible between your shoulders and your ears. Bringing your shoulders up with you will cause you to tense up your neck, which if performed incorrectly, you will end up feeling more than your shoulders!

Neck alignment 

Avoid looking straight down while you preform the exercise. Your gaze should be diagonally out in front of you so that your neck stays in line with your spine. Looking straight down will cause an accumulation of tension in your neck as your bring your arms up.

Range of motion

you want to start and finish the move with your arms up so that your elbows are in line with your shoulders. This will make sure you keep constant tension on the cables throughout the entire move, allowing you to benefit from the entire minute of the exercise.

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