The Micro is one of the latest Lagree Fitness innovation designed for home use.

We know that many of you are unable to come to the studio at the moment or not as regularly as you would like. 

The Micro is a new great piece of Lagree Fitness equipment that allows you to train with the Lagree Fitness Method from the comfort and safety of your home.

We have been trying it over the last few weeks and we love it. It is small, compact, portable (with small wheels at the front and back to easily move it). You can do most of the exercises that are performed with its big brother, the Megaformer (except the lying on the back exercises notably). The feeling is the same than on the Megaformer. In addition, because the Micro is so close to the floor, you can combine any movement with the floor (for example, when you perform a Floor Lunge, you can place your foot anywhere on the floor) which gives the Micro an incredible range of motion. It is also sleek, design and robust and operates so smoothly! If you want to have a look, we have a Micro at Studio Selnau.

See it in action here:

You can also watch here a few examples of advanced moves:

Of course, we recommend the Micro to people who have already a good knowledge of the Lagree Method, as it might be challenging for a beginner to start exercising with the Lagree Method without any prior experience. In any case, to help you make the most of this great piece of equipment, Lagree Fitness offers Lagree Home. For USD 4.99 per month, you can access a library of exercises and routines and you can get in touch with instructors who are offering live and on-demand Micro classes (they might charge you an additional fee).

booster transform will also offer you from January on-demand Micro classes performed by your favorite instructors (one class per week). These classes will be available on the booster @home Youtube channel that will be launched very soon. You can get a flavour of the classes watching Tresor in a Micro session below!




You can directly order your Micro on the online shop of Lagree Fitness (called MaximumFitness). You can select there the Micro configuration and accessories that you prefer. You can use the booster transform promo code: booster that will grant you a $50 reduction on your purchase ($100 if you use it in December 2020).

However, as we know from a survey we did in October that many of you are interested, we negotiated a bulk purchase price on the ‘fully loaded’ Micro. It contains all the accessories to help you make the most of your Micro: front and back platform and handles, straps, bungee kick cable and cables with foot straps.


(the picture shows red cables without footstraps, the version we recommend is with footstraps)

This version of the Micro is currently sold on at USD 1865 (+/- CHF 1660). To this price, you would need to add the delivery costs (by air) that are approximately USD 470 and the import tax of about 8% of the value of the merchandise, +/- USD 150. You can deduct USD 100 with the booster promo code (in December 2020, USD 50 from Jan). In total, the cost of of this version of the Micro all included is +/- CHF 2200.

We could help you get a Micro at a lower price if we order a few Micros all together, and get it delivered at booster transform (in Studio Forum). For quantities between10- 24, the total price would be around CHF 2000 (9% reduction), for quantities above 25, total price would be around CHF 1800 (18% reduction)

You would need to take in charge the delivery of the Micro from the studio Forum to your home. The package fits in a car with foldable back seats.

If you purchase your Microformer via booster, you also agree to use this equipment for a private usage only and would avoid making a commercial usage of it.

Please let us know if you are interested before the 17th of December. We will then confirm a couple of days after the final price so that you can place your order. We can only manage orders of the ‘fully loaded’ Microformer and cannot accommodate special configurations. Unfortunately we cannot offer financing solutions.


Questions or comments? Email us!

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