At booster, we constantly challenge ourselves to offer a very qualitative service, premium locations, studios and equipments (eg. multi patented M3 Megaformer and Lagree Ramp, an exclusivity in Europe) at the most accessible price and with the fairest conditions.

Our package prices are linked to their validity time. The packages valid 12 months are for example a bit more expensive than the package valid 3 months. This our way to reward clients who visit the studio frequently. A client purchasing a 30 class package valid 12 months will pay the class CHF33, when a client purchasing the same package but valid 3 month will pay CHF27 (-18%).

We ask of course clients to select a package validity time that they can respect.

However, unlike many studios or fitness centers that will be inflexible on the validity time of your memberships, we understand that things happen, and that sometimes you cannot simply visit the studio and use your package or pass as you had planned.

If you are sick or injured, you can simply pause your package or your pass for the time you need to be better. Just send us a copy or your doctor’s note and we will pause your pass.

If you simply need a break that you had not planned, we offer ‘pause time’ that you can ask sending us an email according to the following rules:


  • packages/passes valid one month can be paused up to 7 days
  • packages/passes valid three months can be paused up to 21 days
  • packages/passes valid six months can be paused up to 42 days

The pauses should be at minimum of 7 days.

Also if you know before your purchase, that you will be away for a long time, just inform us before making your purchase and we will make sure to adapt the validity date of your package/pass accordingly.