Finally, our brand-new studio Forum will be opening tomorrow! It has been a long process, but we are super excited by the final result and can’t wait for your impressions!!

5 years ago, we introduced the Lagree Method in Zurich in Studio Forum. This little studio has been pivotal for booster helping to confirm our conviction that there was some space to introduce the Lagree Method in one of the city with the highest fitness offer concentration per habitants. 

Thousands of clients have enjoyed and are still today enjoying the atmosphere of the classes in this semi-private environment, but when we got to know that the ground floor level of the building on 120 Badenerstrasse was free, we decided it was a unique opportunity to move the studio down 2 floors, and create a unique space to workout.

We have kept the spirit of the studio with a limited number of clients per class (7 maximum instead of 5 today) so that you can still enjoy a very personalised coaching. There will be also many improvements and innovations that are presented below and which we are sure you will love!

1 – A community space 

The entrance will be a community space where you will be able to wait for your classes or hang out after, or spend some time working if you have your last presentation to finish.

In a few weeks, we will be able to offer a selection of tea and coffee.

2 – Changing rooms and showers

The studio will be offering changing rooms and showers for women (x2) and men (x1) with high standards similar to what you experience in Studio Selnau. You will find in the changing rooms complementary bath towels, beauty products, the latest Dyson hairdryers so that you leave the studio your absolute best!

There are also plenty of lockers so that you can store your personal belongings during the class.

3 – A welcoming workout room

The workout room is also designed in the same spirit as studio Selnau. Large windows will make it a very bright space. For your privacy, beautiful curtains can be closed during the classes. The curtains have also a special property, they absorb and eliminate the odors. This added to a great ventilation system, is creating a very comfortable room to workout!

4 – Last but not least, this studio will be the first studio outside of the U.S. to offer the ‘Ramp’ from end of February, beginning of March

The Ramp is a new and additional device that fits under the Megaformer and allows the Megaformer to raise. The ramp increases the cardio effect, and changes the anatomy of all the exercises you know! Training at a different angle targets the muscles differently. The ramp is an effective way to increase even more the intensity of the Lagree Method, while remaining a low impact workout.

The classes that will be using the Ramp will be shortened in time 30′ as the intensity of the workout with the Ramp is quite crazy!! (and will be also coming with special adapted prices). We will also continue to offer our regular 50′ classes without using the ramp.

We will inform you more in details as soon as we receive this great new piece of equipment. Stay tuned as you might get a chance to all try it for free!

5 – Access to the studio

For security reasons, the 2 doors leading directly to the street are closed. To enter the studio, you should enter like today, through the main building door, pressing the  ‘BOOSTER’ button. The studio entrance is just on your left. The Studio door will be opened 15 minutes before the start of the class. If you arrive before, or are a bit late to your class, you will be invited to call us (079 199 81 47) and we will give you a code to open the door.


Questions or comments? Email us!

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