From the 13.01 to the 26.01, get a chance to win a free class every time you attend a class in the new Studio Forum!

It is very simple. 7 tickets will be placed before you start your class on the Megaformers. One is a winning ticket. Just before the class starts, you will be invited to check your ticket. If you find the winning ticket, you get a free class. The instructor will write down your name and we will come back to your shortly to  credit your account with your free class.

Please note:

  • you can participate as many times as you attend classes during the promotion period
  • you can only pick one ticket per class
  • if the class is not full, and the winning ticket is not picked, no free class will be offered
  • the free classes won cannot be redeemed against cash
  • clients who hold an unlimited pass, can ask for the winning class to be exchanged against one additional day to be added to their pass.

Pick the right Mega!

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