Booster Protection Concept 5.0 – updated 12.12.20

The Federal Council is calling on us to keep up our efforts to protect ourselves and others. We thus invite you to strictly follow the safety rules and measures that are described in our protection concept to allow you and all the members of the booster team to work and workout in the safest possible environment.

Our protection concept has been developed in accordance with the sanitary / epidemiological regulations of the FOPH, and the framework conditions developed by Swiss Olympic with regards to the Covid-19 situation.

As a reminder, below are the main transmission ways:

  • Through close and prolonged contact: If you’re less than two metres from someone who has contracted the illness.
  • Through droplets: If a person who is infected sneezes or coughs, the virus can be transported directly to the mucous membranes in the nose, mouth or eyes of other people.
  • Via your hands: Infectious droplets can get onto your hands from coughing and sneezing. Or if you come into contact with a surface contaminated with the virus. They can then get into your system if you touch your mouth, nose or eyes.


Here is the summary of general principles to prevent the spread of the coronavirus:

  1. Compliance with the FOPH’s hygiene regulations
  2. Social distancing (1.5m distance between all person, no bodily contact).
  3. Establishment of a list of participants for the follow-up of potential chains of infection.
  4. Compliance with the specific FOPH regulations for the particularly vulnerable people.
  5. Wearing of a mask in public spaces (lobby and changing rooms for gyms and fitness centers, exception for workout rooms ventilated and spacious with 2m between clients and 15m2 per client)
  6. NEW – reduction of the capacity per class to 5 participants including the instructor
  7. closure of the studios at 7pm and on Sundays and bank holidays (25.12, 26.12 and 01.01)

Before coming to the studio


  • If you do not feel well, please stay @home and contact your doctor
  • If you are considered as a vulnerable person, please do not visit the studio at this moment in time. Feel free to reach out to to prolong the validity dates of your package or subscription. Here is the current definition of a vulnerable person:
    • persons over 65 years of age
    • Adults with any of the following conditions:
      • cancer
      • diabetes
      • immune weakness due to disease or treatment
      • arterial hypertension
      • cardiovascular disorders
      • chronic respiratory diseases
  • Get ready for your workout:
    • Please try at the maximum to come already with your sport outfit on as changing room facilities will be highly limited.
    • Take your bottle of water with you.
    • Take your Grip socks or Toesox with you (you can purchase a pair online and pick it up when you arrive at the studio). The wearing of Toesox is mandatory.
    • Please keep your jewellery at home. Rings can be particularly difficult to wash.
  • Make sure to maintain social distancing on your way to the studio, avoiding public transport when possible.

When arriving at the studio

  • try to arrive no more than 10 minutes before the start of your class.

When entering the studio

  • Please enter the studio one by one, always keeping your social distancing
  • Leave your shoes at the entrance, the studios will be a no shoe zone
  • Disinfect your hands with the dispensers that will be available
  • Keep or put on your mask
  • Put on your grip socks. If you do not have some, feel free to take a pair on the display and write your name on the sheet next to it, we will charge the credit card on your account later (the Toesox are priced CHF14)
  • Leave your belongings in the lockers (or cubicles in Studio Seefeld)

Starting a class

  • Enter the workout studio / space always leaving 2 m between you and others.
  • There will be no need for you to disinfect the equipment prior to the start of the class, as it will have been thorough fully disinfected at the end of the previous class. If for your peace of mind, you would prefer to disinfect it again, please ask your instructor who can give you disinfecting equipment.


  • in Studio Forum for all classes , and in Studio Selnau and Studio Seefeld for Barre Intensity and Release classes: keep you mask during the workout


  • in Studio Selnau and Studio Seefeld for Lagree classes: we recommend that keep you mask during the workout, but it is not mandatory, as the workout room is very spacious with 2 m distance between all clients and 15m2 per client.

During the class

  • Please follow your instructors guidance. The instructors will for example guide all clients to step off the machine on the same side.

At the end of the class

  • The instructors will hand to you some disinfecting sprays and a microfibre towel (or they will already be next to your training spot) and will guide the cleaning of the equipment so that no used part of the equipment is forgotten
  • Drop your towels in the usual container
  • Drop the used wipes  in the closed bin and disinfect your hands again with the spray that is included in the cleaning station
  • Leave the studio always keeping your social distancing, trying to leave quite quickly to allow the next class clients to enter the studio.

Leaving the studio

  • If you do not need to change:
    • Pick up your belongings and leave the studio
  • If you need to change:
    • Head to the changing room.
    • In Forum and Seefeld, only one person at a time in the changing rooms. If busy, please wait at the entrance of the studio until a space become available. One shower per changing room will be available in those studios. Respect the markings on the floor while you are waiting.
    • In Selnau, 4 persons maximum are allowed in the changing rooms. Two showers will be available in each room. As a reminder, please try at the maximum to come already changed and if you need to take a shower, plan for some waiting time.
    • Please try as much as possible to use the changing rooms quickly to allow other clients to use them without a too long wait.