We can’t wait to welcome you back in the studios! Following the decision of the Federal Council, our studios doors will be open as of Monday next week.  The schedule is accessible and you can now book your classes. 

Whilst we can reopen, yours and our teams’ safety remains our priority and we need to observe some safety rules and measures which you will find in our protection concept, which will be on display in our studios, and on our websiteIt is very important that you read the following  important sanitary and safety  information on how we will be welcoming you in our studios as of next Monday.
These safety measures also have some important impact on what booster can offer and the day to day studio life, notably:

– By official decision, we have to limit the capacity of the group classes to 4 clients and one instructor;

– We need to increase the breaks between classes to a minimum of 15 minutes to avoid interaction between 2 consecutive classes;

– This forces us to temporarily reduce the length of our classes to 40 minutes – we will soon give you access on our website to stretch routines that you can do at home, as we will cut the stretching session at the end of the classes. Classes will go back up to 50 minutes as soon as there is a relaxation of the measures;

– We won’t be able to offer Barre and Release classes at the moment in the studios. We are currently working on a new way to deliver Barre and Release online classes to you. More to come soon.

The reopening is a relief and an amazing news and we are so grateful to be able to welcome you back after these difficult times. We are conscious these are important but relevant restrictions.  As you can imagine, these restrictions have an important impact on the studio and the reopening will only help us to limit the losses at this point in time. We thank you in advance for your understanding and solidarity for accepting these temporary and unforeseeable changes.
You will notice that we have released the class schedule for the first week of classes only. Indeed, we might need to adapt the schedule of the 2nd week based on the class attendance of the first week of reopening. We are also working on different projects that will enhance our offer in these challenging times (such as Private classes and online classes notably). We will come back to you quickly to introduce them to you.
We have updated the validity date of your packages and subscriptions, adding 56 days. However, if you prefer to wait a bit before coming back to the studio, we would of course perfectly understand. Just send us an email at hello@boostertransform.com letting us know when you would like to restart and we will update your account accordingly.
You will find below the main changes that will be in place next week from a sanitary and safety point of view, class types and durations notably.
On a very different note, we also wanted to let you know that Tea will unfortunately be unable to coach for the next few months. She needs to take some time off to focus on personal projects. We are very much looking forward her return in January 2021. We are also entering in a recruitment phase. Let us know if you would know fitness instructors, who you think would have a great fit with the Lagree Method and the booster family!
Feel free of course to come back to us if you have any question.

Stay safe, stay strong 💪🏻
Much love from all of us.

Sandrine, Damien and the whole booster team.

1 – Sanitary and safety measures

All classes in all studios will be limited to 4 clients per class.

The break between classes will be increased to 15 or 20 minutes instead of 10 minutes currently to avoid that 2 consecutive classes clients cross each other.

– For maximum protection of our team and community, we will ask you to wear a mask from when you enter the studio until you leave. If you do not have one, we will provide you one (complimentary). We did a lot of testing – it does take a bit of getting used to it but becomes quite quickly comfortable and has hardly no impact on the airflow. We have medical masks with 3 layers, soft and highly breathable.

– The studios will also be no shoe zones. We will also ask you to wear grip socks or Toesox from your entrance to the studio. If you need some, you can purchase Toesox (CHF 14) here and pick them up before your workout

– We will ask you to disinfect everything you touch in the studio. Adequate products will be available. 

As much as feasible, please come already changed to the studios. Our changing rooms will still be accessible, but you might need to wait a bit as there will be limitations as to how many people can be in the changing rooms at the same time. 

It won’t be possible to use the showers in Studio Forum and Studio Seefeld. In Selnau, the number of available showers will be limited (1 person at a time in the shower section).

– All the fitness equipments, changing rooms, available showers and floors will be washed and disinfected every evening in the 3 studios. 

We thank you in advance for your help in adopting these measures as they are the conditions that can help us operate. It looks like a lot, but remember that you will be only 4 clients at a time in the studios, and we will be there to guide you!
We would of course understand if you would prefer to wait for a relaxation of the safety measures. Just come back to us when you feel it is a good time for you.

2 – Classes

– We won’t be able to offer at the moment Barre and Release classes. The Barre Studio surface is too limited to comply with the social distancing measures. In Studio Seefeld, the new layout of the Megaformers in the studio won’t allow enough space for the barre and release classes. 

We have been offering free live classes on our Instagram account during the lockdown. We are currently working on a new way to deliver Barre and Release online classes to you. More to come soon.

– Megaride classes will still be offered. The bikes will be in the main studio next to the Megaformers.

– Virtual Cycling classes in Seefeld will be momentarily cancelled. 

3- Packages and subscriptions

You will be able to use your class packages and subscriptions as normal. Again please feel free to come back to us if you encounter any issue or if you notice a mistake in the extended validity date of your package.

We will momentarily stop selling unlimited subscriptions, due to our limited capacity. If you currently hold an unlimited pass, you can however still use it. Because of the capacity constraints, we would however be grateful if you could avoid booking multiple classes a day (even if you cancel them afterwards).

4 – Cancellation Policy

Due to the limited capacity, we need to momentarily increase the cancellation policy from 3 hours to 12 hours. This is to make sure that we can offer the maximum chances to all of you to attend a class, limiting the number of last minute cancellations. Please make sure to book only the classes you are pretty sure to attend.

These above measures supersede at the moment our usual Terms and Conditions (all current provisions of our Terms and Conditions not modified by the text above remain applicable).

Questions or comments? Email us hello@boostertransform.com!

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