Introducing Sanbera, your daily dose of wellbeing

We simply fell in love with Sanbera and we are extremely pleased to introduce you to this fantastic range of daily supplements that many booster instructors are using regularly. You know have an idea about one of their secret tips to radiate every day! You will find the products at Studio Selnau or you can learn more on Sanbera website.

Designed in Switzerland and powered by plants, Sanbera is a new supplement brand built on ethical business practices and modern science. 

Based on a deep understanding of nutrition and a passion for simplifying wellness for modern living, Sanbera has developed a supplement system that works with the body’s 24-hour cycle: Daily and Nightly formulas for her and him based on their unique nutritional needs.

All products are vegan, plant-based, and totally recyclable.


the Sanbera range for women. Essential CHF109.99. Reload CHF 139.99.

One of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves is create rituals, day and night, focused on our health and wellbeing. With Sanbera, we have worked tirelessly to bring modern science into those moments. A daily (and nightly) dose of wellness that encourages you to rethink your habits, create healthy rituals and bring tangible results. But ultimate wellness is about more than just results, it’s also about nurturing the natural systems we are part of. This is why all of our products actively contribute to a positive, cleaner future. Whether that be ecological programs around the world, or supporting our local community here in Switzerland, we want everyone to feel the benefits of true wellbeing. Tina Erni, founder and CEO of Sanbera.

Discover the range

Essential Day to Day Women & Essential Day to Day Men — The daily comprehensive formula for optimal wellness. With clean, premium, and powerful ingredients, this dietary supplement combats the effects of modern life by seamlessly meeting the body’s nutritional requirements during the day. It enhances energy, clarity, mood, athletic ability, immunity, and complexion.

Reload Time to Time Women & Reload Time to Time Men — Nutrition at night, to reload. For optimal results and an additional boost, Sanbera has designed this exclusive nighttime formula to further enhance the immune system over the 24-hour cycle and rejuvenate the body during sleep. It helps you feel your best and ready to go the next day with overall health, detoxification, cellular rejuvenation, and better sleep.


The Sanbera range for men. Essential CHF109.99. Reload CHF 139.99.

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