Looking to workout together? you can share your package with another or several booster client(s). This feature is available on class packages valid 12 months (5, 10, 20 and 30 class packages)

To do so, you should first purchase the class package and then go to your account / profile and click ‘related contacts’ to link your account with the person you would like to share your package with.

Please note, that the other person should already have an account with booster. If you wish to invite a friend to join booster, please visit our friend referral section.

Lastly, send us an email at hello@boostertranform.com and let us know the related contact(s) you would like to share the package with, and we will activate the sharing feature. This last step will help to make sure you you share the right package with the right person 👍.

The shared package will then be available and visible on all the accounts

Enjoy your shared package!

Nota: clients who are entitled to a discount (eg. students, unemployed, seniors) can not share their package with another client who is not entitled to the same discount.