updated 10.09.21

‘The priority of the whole booster team is to offer you the safest possible workout environments’

from Monday 13.09, a valid Swiss Covid Certificate will be required to access the studios

the Federal Council is requiring the Covid certificate for everyone visiting fitness centers.

We will thus need to ask you to present the QR code* of your Covid certificate to your instructor before the start of the class. The instructors will scan your pass as they sign you in the class. With your Covid certificate, you also won’t have to wear a mask in the studio.In order to implement this new process smoothly, we ask you to be ready at least 5 minutes before the start of your class, 10 minutes if you come for the first time.

We unfortunately won’t be able to welcome you if you arrive after the start of the class, as otherwise, the instructor will need to interrupt the class to scan your pass. If you are late to your class, please send us an email at hello@boostertransform.com.

If you wish, you can also send us by email, a copy of your Swiss certificate QR code with the validity date (you can access the page with the validity date, clicking the info button on first page. We will then indicate that your certificate has been checked in our booking system, and you won’t have to show it when you attend a class during the period of validity. Please note that we will only record the validity date of your certificate in our systems, and that we will delete the copy of the certificate you sent us. 
If you have ‘pre-checked’ your certificate, you will also be able to join the class, even if a bit late (except if it is your first time).
Thank you so much for your support in helping the studio complying with this new measure.


Large workout spaces to ensure social distancing.

The safety of our clients is part of booster DNA. Due to the specificity of booster transform small and medium size group class concepts in very large workout spaces, we offer clients a minimum workout space of 12m2 per person for all Lagree classes in all 3 studios, with a capacity a 7 clients per classes in Studio Forum, 8 in Studio Seefeld and 14 in Studio Selnau. For our Barre and Release studio, the capacity per class is 9 clients maximum in Studio Selnau and 8 in Studio Seefeld.

Highly ventilated spaces

In all studios, the air is fully renewed at least once per hour. In Studio Seefeld and Studio Selnau, the windows are opened at least 10 minutes between every classes. In Studio Forum, our ventilation system renews the air 3 times per hour.

We unfortunately cannot offer at the moment the Mega Ride classes in Studio Seefeld, as the ventilation of the Mega Ride room does not allow to reach our minimum threshold of air renewal.

Disinfected studios every evening and throughout the day

Our cleaning team is visiting all 3 studios at night for a deep cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces and equipments. We use dry steam to disinfect the workout equipment. Dry steam is acknowledged for its detersive, detergent, bactericidal and fungicidal properties. It also makes it possible to reach every corner and the most inaccessible spaces of the equipments.

We also ask for your help, and we provide you disinfecting wipes so that you can disinfect the equipments you have been in contact with during your stay in the studio. Thank you very much for your help.

Mask wearing

With your valid Covid Certificate, you won’t need to wear a mask anymore in the studios.

Barrier and Hygiene gestures

We ask everyone entering the studios:

  • to use the disinfecting foam dispensers located at the entrance and throughout the studios, when entering and leaving the studio.
  • to leave their shoes at the entrance of the studios. We recommend to wear grip socks, such as Toesox. You can purchase some at the studio (CHF14) or we can lend you a pair (for free!)

A team dedicated to your safety

The whole booster team is regularly briefed on those safety measures, and will remind you about them if needed.