Check the evolution of our schedule from mid of April.

Below is the Spring schedule from mid of April for our 3 studios.

As you might know, Sabrina had an accident 2 weeks ago and will be unable to work until September. She is now doing fine and is entering the recovery phase with a great spirit and the desire to be back ‘boosting’ as soon as possible! Sabrina was also coaching a few Barre Release classes, and we have just recruited another instructor who will coach those classes in a couple of weeks, before coaching Barre Intensity and the Lagree Method a few weeks later.

Sebastien sends all you wishes from South America (he is currently in Patagonia, heading towards Bolivia!), and will be back in September.

Studio Forum – Lagree Method classes

Studio Seefeld – Lagree Method classes

Studio Seefeld – Megaride, Barre, Release classes

Studio Selnau – Lagree Method classes

Studio Selnau – Barre, Release classes

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