As we operate small group classes, it is important to cancel your class if you cannot attend it anymore to allow other clients to step in.

We thank you to cancel your class at least 6 hours prior to its start, by logging into your Booster account on the website or through the mobile app and cancelling your class.

If you cancel less than 6 hours before the start of the class (‘late cancel’), or if you do not attend your class (‘no show’), you will unfortunately lose your class credit or be automatically charged CHF25 if you are using an unlimited ‘All You Can Boost’ pass, unless you have ‘late cancellation jokers’ available (see infra).

If you are not 100% sure you can make it to a class, do not take the risk losing it, you always have the option to book it a few minutes before it starts.

Booster Late Cancellation Jokers

We really do not like to charge clients for unattended classes and sometimes you simply have really no other choice than to cancel your class less then 6 hours before it starts.

This is why we offer 3 ‘late cancellation jokers’, ie. 3 chances to get back your class credit. For clients using a ‘All You Can Boost’ unlimited pass, the CHF25 automated charge on your credit card will be cancelled or reimbursed.

We will send you an email to confirm you when we have used one of your joker. This process is not automated, and it might happen that we do not spot your late cancellation. If you do not hear from us 24 hours after your late cancellation, feel free to send us an email at

Please note that the jokers cannot be used for ‘No shows’, ie. when you do not show up to a class.

Getting more Late Cancellation Jokers

Sigh, you have already used your 3 late cancellation jokers…

We offer you the opportunity to get 3 new jokers per 12 month period (starting on the date of first usage), while helping the studio raise its online awareness. You can receive your additional jokers by sharing your Booster Transform experience on Google reviews or Yelp (links below) or posting on your Facebook or Instagram, using #boostertransform

When you need a Late cancellation joker, share your experience and inform us by email at and you will receive a new late cancellation joker.

You can share your experience once per different channels, so to receive 3 new jokers over a period of 12 month, you should use 3 of the 4 diffferent channels below.