Check the evolution of our Summer schedule.


This Summer, we are continuing to offer you more opportunities to workout.

Please see below the main evolutions with notably:

In Studio Forum:

  • the return of Tuesday morning and Friday evening Lagree Method classes.

In Studio Seefeld:

  • The introduction of a 4pm Lagree Method class on Mondays, Wednesdays, in addition to the current 4pm on Friday.

  • Due to popular demand, we also bring back the 8.30am class on Sundays.

  • There will also be one additional Barre Intensity class on Wednesdays at 3pm coached by Sanja from mid July

In Studio Selnau:

  • 7 more Lagree classes in the evening, with in general 4 Lagree Method classes every evening from 5pm

  • 2 Lagree classes added at 9.00am on Wednesdays and Thursdays, on top of the current Friday class at 9am

  • New Lagree classes added at 11h, 12h, and 13h on Sundays

Also in Selnau, we have more than doubled the number of Barre Intensity classes, as Adrienne and Michela have been joined by Queen and Sanja. We are introducing morning classes at 10am on Wednesdays and Thursdays. There will also be very soon 3 classes during weekends, the usual 11h barre Intensity will now be completed by classes at the beginning of the afternoon on Saturdays and Sundays.

Please note, that the full schedule will be implemented gradually over the next few weeks, from Queen and Sanja’s start in the 2nd part of July and when Michela is completely back on her feet.

Studio Forum – Lagree Method classes

Studio Seefeld – Lagree Method classes

Studio Seefeld – Megaride, Barre, Release classes

Studio Selnau – Lagree Method classes

Studio Selnau – Barre, Release classes

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