The last few months have been a bit hectic at booster, with more than usual schedule changes as Sabrine and Michela had sudden accidents and have been away from the Megaformers for 3 months now :-(. They are now doing much better and is it is a matter of days ….

We managed to keep most classes on the schedule thanks to an amazing team work, going above and beyond to be there for you.

As the holiday period is starting, many of our instructors will take a well deserved break to recharge, Many of you will still be present in Zürich, and your Summer time at booster will be even more special than usual, with 3 amazing Lagree Fitness instructors visiting us from prestigious studios in Melbourne, London and Los Angeles!

Tess from K Kore studio Melbourne

Tess is a qualified fitness instructor from Melbourne with a passion for the lagree method. She brings a focus of alignment, technique and endurance to all her classes and believes in motivating clients to achieve overall kinesthetic awareness and push themselves further each class.

After teaching a variety of classes including barre, HIIT, functional training and Spin, Tess has gravitated to solely teaching lagree because it is hands down THE best method of total body training that keeps you coming back for more.

Also a trained performer, Tess balances her life in the fitness world with more creative pursuits in the theatre world. She strongly believes that instructing classes is quite similar to being on stage and she aims to keep clients motivated and entertained. One of her favourite lagree moves is the bear!

She has most recently been travelling around Europe and in August will be working in London with The Australian Shakespeare company in Alice in Wonderland.

Nadine from Studio Lagree London

Nadine’s background in gymnastics and dance lead her to be introduced to Pilates and movement training at the age of 15 as a means to recover from injury. After becoming one of the youngest qualified Gymnastics Club coaches registered with the British Gymnastics Association at 18 she discovered a love for teaching and continued to practice Pilates alongside coaching at University and while working as a Trauma Specialist Speech and Language Therapist. In 2013 she decided to develop her passion for fitness and went on to gain my Level 3 Pilates Instructor Certification through Body Control Pilates and then progressed to complete a pioneering Dynamic Reformer Pilates qualification accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS). She loves learning and have since added a Level 3 Personal Training Qualification and an additional Pre/ Post-Natal certificate to her repertoire.
She joined Studio Lagree UK as one of the first UK trained Instructors in 2015 having fallen in love with the workout in LA and New York. She went on to work as the UK Master Trainer until the end of 2016 when her travels took her out of London for a while! She returned to London in 2018 and came straight back to Lagree to continue teaching the method she loves so much!

The main reason she loves the Lagree Method is how accessible it is to everyone irrespective of their baseline ability! The workout has the ability to challenge even the most experienced athlete and yet is completely safe for someone who has never worked out in their life!

Her classes are always challenging but she aims to make sure every single client feels that they have achieved something every time they come!! Watch out for a little music mashup to get you through those slow repetitions and speedy transitions!!

Sarah from the Lagree Fitness studio Los Angeles (the home of the Lagree Method)

Sarah is a Los Angeles native. She fell in love with Lagree Fitness back in 2008 and has become obsessed ever since. She has received certifications just about everything under the sun- starting from SPX Fitness in 2010, vinyasa yoga, Booty Barre, Spin, Pilates, TRX-suspension training, to Lagree Fitness. Funny now, she only teaches Lagree Fitness because it is the only effective fitness program that has allowed her to build strength, mentally and physically. She also enjoys playing tennis, hiking, and practicing yoga. She lives by the motto: HEALTH is ultimately, WEALTH!  Side note: she also works as a nuclear pharmacist. Her favorite move on the Megaformer is currently giant spoon with side of scrambled eggs! 

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