We are extremely pleased to welcome two new team members, with Irina and Marko. They are currently finishing their training program to the Lagree Method led by Sandrine and Dan, and with the support of the Booster team.

Irina was born in Athens. As an ocean lover her greatest passion of all has been windsurfing. She is always looking to challenge herself as she believes that if you want to succeed, you can either just do the things you are good at and never fail or, challenge yourself by trying new things. It might be tough at first but at some point in time you will improve and this will make you feel stronger and unbeatable. Favourite ways to stay active are: swimming, dancing, cycling, windsurfing and Lagree on the Megaformer.

Irina will coach the Lagree Method and Mega Ride.

Marko has had a successful 15 year professional football career that saw him play throughout Europe for prestigious clubs like AS Monaco. Even though he is still very active in the football world, he looks forward starting a new chapter in his life, sharing his passion, experience and knowledge to others, in the world of sports and physical conditioning. Marko is coaching young talented football players and is looking forward to help you achieve your personal goals with the Lagree Method.

Marko will coach the Lagree Method.

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