‘the best news since 2019!’.

‘the best news since 2019!’ this was the reaction of one of the team member to the Federal Council announcement yesterday, and we can’t agree more.

After 16 months that have been demanding and challenging, we are indeed very pleased that the efforts of all are rewarded. Over the last week, there were only around 10 new cases per day in Kanton Zürich, and by the end of this month, half of the adult population will be fully vaccinated, many booster clients and the whole booster team is on its way to get fully vaccinated.

In light of this very positive evolution, the Federal Council announced this Wednesday, that all the restrictions for people carrying out sporting activities outdoors and indoors will be lifted* from Saturday: requirements to wear masks and keep a distance is lifted, as well as capacity restrictions.

As you know, we have always been extra cautious, regularly going above and beyond regulatory requirements, but with the extremely low level of cases now and the fact that over the last 2 months, we had absolutely no ‘covid’ activity in the studio, we are very pleased to embrace ? the Federal Council recommendations.

From tomorrow, booster will be able to nearly come back to normal:
  • Masks are no longer mandatory to wear during any workouts (including Barre) and in all studios (including Studio Forum). You can still of course wear one if you prefer
  • Masks should be wore in the lobbies and changing rooms of the different studios to avoid taking unnecessary risks in area where social distancing is difficult to maintain
  • the different studios will resume their usual capacity:
    • Studio Selnau: Lagree classes capacity of 14 and Barre classes capacity of 9
    • Studio Seefeld: Lagree classes capacity of 8 and Barre classes capacity of 8
    • Studio Forum: capacity of 7 and Lagree Ramp 6 (for the next few weeks, due to technical reasons)
  • Our usual disinfecting wipes will be made available again. Disinfecting sprays and microfibre towels will still be available for those who prefer this method of disinfection.
  • We will resume our normal class duration of 50 minutes per class
  • We will resume our usual starting times for classes in Studio Selnau. Classes will start again on the hour in the evening for all classes (this will be implemented from July 5th to avoid changing the schedule of many clients who have already booked their classes next week)
We will maintain some other good habits we got used to:
  • keeping the studios a no shoe zone. Grip socks will be recommended but won’t be mandatory
  • disinfecting hands while entering the studio
  • staying home if we feel unwell
We will of course as usual monitor the situation, and take any needed corrective measures.

We are of course very excited by this new phase. It feels like a re-start! 

Looking forward seeing you again ‘mask free’ and wishing you a great Summer and nice holidays!**


Questions or comments? Email us hello@boostertransform.com!

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