To find the ease, energy and happiness that most of us desire, we need to consider the role that we allow work, relationships, exercise, nutrition, etc. to play within our lives.

Heidi knows what it’s like to struggle finding the sweet spot between pursuing ambitions, enjoying a fulfilling private life and ensuring health doesn’t get neglected. For quite some time, Heidi herself experienced stress-induced health issues due to ignoring the need for balance on the path to professional success within an international corporate career.

After making a choice to prioritise her health, Heidi suddenly found herself within the other extreme: becoming too strict with clean eating and wellness regimes until she finally discovered her very own secret to creating and maintaining a healthy balance. This is the balance that today Heidi helps her clients to achieve.

Does this cycle sound familiar?

There are certainly times in life when we do have to accept short-term imbalance to achieve long-term health and happiness. Heidi’s passion is guiding you to form habits and create experiences that nurture your very own state of harmony.

The Health Coach Training with the iconic Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) confirmed what Heidi had learnt from her own wellness journey, that food and exercise aren’t the only ingredients to nurturing prime health.

Through her densely informative one-off nutritional consultations, to her life-transforming one-to-one health and wellness coaching programs, Heidi is here to support you to bring health, happiness and fulfilment on the road to professional success.

Within all of her programs Heidi shares the nutritional knowledge and spiritual practices that radically changed her life, including Intuitive Eating – a concept that will enable you to ditch diets and to discover what you really need. Forming this kind of relationship with your food and body is a powerful, life-long game changer.

If you would love to take immediate action towards the health and lifestyle you’ve been longing for, schedule a free consultation with Heidi to discuss your specific needs, and to see how she can help you to achieve your goals. You can contact Heidi at

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