We are extremely pleased to welcome Nikkii. Nikki is bringing her wealth of experience in body movement to design great Lagree and Release classes.

Nikki grew up in both Sydney & Zürich. She has travelled and lived abroad for many years juggling between working for a tech company in Singapore and Sydney and teaching yoga classes. In 2018 she decided that she wanted to invest all her time into the health industry. Nikkii has navigated her own winding journey towards health and found creative expression and movement to be the most potent medicine of all. She is a certified Anusara, Yin and Ayu-yog teacher. She is also a qualified Nutritionist, Nikkii loves to help individuals grow and improve their quality of life, by bringing balance to the body, mind, spirit and sense. Nikkii came across the Lagree method and Barre as she was looking to gain more strength. She is now teaching Barre Release and the Lagree method.

You can enjoy Nikkii’s classes in Studio Selnau on:

Monday 17h00, 18h00 (Lagree), 19h00 (Release)

Wednesday 19h00 (Lagree), 20h00 (Release)

Thursday 18h00 (Lagree), 19h00 (Lagree light), 20h00 (Release)

and in Studio Seefeld on:

Friday 16h00, 17h00 (Lagree), 18h00 (Release)

Questions or comments? Email us hello@boostertransform.com!

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