Introducing ‘Booster Corporate Offers’

With our new studio Selnau in the heart of Zürich’s financial district, we are receiving more and more requests from clients about Corporate rates.

After discussing some options with interested clients, we are pleased to introduce a scheme that will allow all clients working in medium or large sized companies, who spread the word about Booster Transform in their companies, to receive a price reduction on Booster packages.

As Booster Transform clients, you have always been our best advocates, and we focus on finding ways to reward you for the great help that you provide us by inviting your friends and colleagues. This is the reason we currently thank those of you who bring new clients to the studio with a credit of CHF30 for each referral.

The Corporate Offer

The offer in itself:

The Corporate Offer is available to all companies with 20 employees or more.

At the start of the Corporate Offer, employees will receive a 10% discount on their class package purchases (not valid on unlimited All You Can Boost passes) for 3 months.

After 3 months, Booster Transform will review the number of employees who have an active membership (class packages, or unlimited passes that have not expired) and apply the following reductions:

Every year, on each anniversary date, Booster Transform will review the number of employees with an active membership and confirm or revise the applicable reduction for the next 12 months.

The usual referral program is still valid, and employees who refer other employees can receive CHF30 credits for their referral. The reduction cannot be cumulated with other reductions such as the student or the senior 20% discount.

To validate a Corporate Offer, the Company should:

– Elect a Booster Champion that will be a point of contact with Booster Transform.

– Promote the partnership internally  under a suitable form for the Company: intranet article, newsletter, email, leaflets, posters in common spaces (etc…). Booster Transform can provide the necessary content.

– the employees of the company will need to create an account with their company email (so that we can easily identify their association to the company). If the employee already has an account with Booster Transform with another associated email, they should send an email at to ask for it to be changed. In any case, the employees should send an email to so that we can identify them in our booking system to automatically receive  the price reduction.

Corporate classes

if you are looking to organise a fun event with your colleagues, we also offer the possibility to book a private class in Studio Selnau (10 participants min, 14 max per class) and Studio Seefeld (6 participants min, 8 max per class). Price per person is CHF30.

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